Friday, July 29, 2011

Smurf Week Day 3 - Build a Bear

Build a Bear on Fifth Avenue was the best of the Events of Smurf Week I attended. They had it all decorated fun and handed out paper "Smurf" hats, lined people up that wanted a picture with Smurfette and Clumsy Smurf and gave them a cute goody bag filled with stickers and little Smurf toys and gifts and if you just wanted to avoid the line you still got a cute paper hat got to enjoy the festivities. So many grown ups and children getting their Smurfette and Smurf dolled filled. After I went through Central Park to Belvedere Castle to see more smurfs and see the castle they filmed at in the movie. Well, there were 2 women Park Rangers who were not being very friendly and were keeping everything a secret! When Smurfs were mentioned or Smurf Week they said in stereo "noooooooo" there is no such thing! Well it was at least wonderful as always to walk through Central Park and find different paths and routes and people watch. The Castle is always gorgeous to see and glad I got to go. I know there is nothing "Pink" in this post but I am sharing this for Pink Saturday. So visit Beverly from How Sweet the Sound for some Pink Saturday goodness...Next Saturday I will post about a super Pink winning I received a while ago from Char at Some Place in Thyme blog spot! She sent so many Pink Treasures I can't wait to show you.

Clumsy Smurf



sew up

wash and take them home

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Smurf Week - Day 2 FAO Schwartz

DAY 2 of Smurf Week in NYC I got to go to FAO Schwartz to see the famous "Smurfulator" from the movie and met a Smurf. The event was supposed to be from 2 to 4 but apparently they did not have enough "Smurf" dolls on hand and sold most in the AM. A bunch of people were waiting for some sort of "organization" but no one knew what was supposed to happen and the only 2 that had their "Smurf" white hats on were 2 young people showing how to play a Smurf game and the young girl was putting tattoos on little children. The rest of the Smurf Staff thought they were too cool and maybe should apply to Abercombie! I asked an adult FAO Schwartz Employee if they had anymore Smurf small stuffed dolls and he said no and not that many big ones either. They did not expect them to sell out like that! What?? Who is FAO's marketing director? I heard a lady ask where her child could take a picture with the Smurf and they said "He went on a break he was out this morning and just walks around". It was cute all in all and hopefully if they have future events they will have a "Staff" member in charge of all the fun and organization. In all fairness the event is for a few more days and was until 4:00 PM, so I am sure they will have a better system and give out goodie bags and gifts. This is fun to go to different Smurf events! I hope you get a chance to go to one and visit with NYC and the Smurfs. Have a Smurftastic Day!! xoox



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Smurf Week in NYC - Day 1

It is Smurf Week in NYC this week from July 25th to July 29th to celebrate the release of the Smurfs movie which opens July 29. The Smurfs Trailer shows them being in NYC on an adventure. If you click on the it will give you a list of things to do. Most of the events are during the workday for children and so I can not go but on Monday the first day I went to Columbus Circle across from Time Warner at the Merchant's Gate at Central Park to see Smurf Village! Of course it was pouring rain so they started closing shop at 6:00PM. It was so fun to see a big Blue giant Smurf waving as the cabs and people went by shocked! The mushroom house was being deflated as I got there but you can still tell how cute it was! The Empire State Building was lit "Blue" to Celebrate UNICEF being 60 years Young and the Smurfs are Blue! Have a Smurftastic Day! xoox

Friday, July 15, 2011

Benefit Cosmetics - Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday! I was at a Benefit Cosmetics event in Rye New York, Hosted by Gilt Group and Hpnotiq as a sponsor. It is fun going to these events with my Niece Daniela since she is living with me and working in the City. I wish my Niece Kristina, her sister lived closer so she could come also. The evening started being greeted by Gilt Group Hostess (sorry I forgot her name). She had recognized us from another event! Also there to greet us was Kelly from Benefit Cosmetics. The store is amazing so adorable and sweet. We received a choice of eyebrow waxing or threading. Both me and Daniela chose the waxing. After we sat and got our make-up done by Kelly and then we had pretty purple drinks made by a cute Hpnotiq Mix Master with a glow stick inside the glass and enjoyed the adorable "Sweets" Bar. The store is Pink and yellow and the girls wear the cutest vintage aprons. Benefit has the cutest packaging. Everything is so vintage / retro decorated. There were 2 women Kelly "dolled" up before me and Daniela and they were concerned that Benefit Cosmetics was too "young" for them. I yelled Nooooooooo!! lol They looked so amazing and they bought 1 of everything! Everyone from every age will love it! I had so much fun thank you Gilt Group, Benefit and Hpnotiq!

Hop on over to Beverly from How Sweet the Sound for some Pink Saturday fun then visit with other Pink Saturday blogs....So Grab a Pink Lemonade sit back and relax! Happy Pink Saturday!!

Hpnotiq drink master purple candy and sweets bar

me and my niece Daniela (before make-up)

Kelly applying make-up to 2 friends

fun displays and product packaging

my niece Daniella and Kelly the make-up artist

cute gift bag

a little shopping a did

some fun goodies in our gift bags

Friday, July 1, 2011

Pink Saturday - Fun with Friends

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Fourth of July Weekend! I wanted to share a visit to NY from Hope Wallace of Besottment by Paper Relics. Hope was going to spend a few days with her good friend Danielle from The Vintage Dragonfly, and so I got to spend a few hours with Hope. We had Brunch at the Plaza, she made me a wonderful cute journal, we went to Henri Bendel and then met Danielle and went to H&M where it was so hot they had huge fans blowing and the girls were striking a pose! Too stinkin cute! We had cupcakes from Magnolia and ate them in 30 Rock and took a cab ride to Flat Iron to Paper Presentation! Then me and Hope tried a small cupcake at Cupcake Cafe (see post below) and I left the girls to go enjoy their girlfriend time! It was so nice to see both of them. So many giggles and wonderful conversations about History....Danielle's question to Hope: "How do you feel about George and Martha Washington?" So on that note enjoy your weekend! It would be fun to see some answer's to Danielle's question... So Answer Up!! Please stop by Beverly from How Sweet the Sound and see some wonderful Pink Saturday posts!

Me and Hope

Eloise Bag

Hope's Gift to Me

stuffed with ephemera

Panetone French Toast - Hope

Traditional Eggs Benedict

Astrology Statues

Henri Bendel

me hope danielle in a cab

Hope And Danielle Cute Models at H&M

Anthrolologie - Art from Ruan Hoffman

Paper Presentation

Hope looking st the pens for her journaling