Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Pink Macaron Saturday!

The cuties from the new Macaron Cafe were excited to pose for a Pink Saturday blog post! It is such an adorable cafe / store. I walked in and wanted to just get in there and add some Paris touches and "more" PINK! They will get there no This location is on 59th Street off of Madison Avenue and worth a stop in to relax after shopping in the area. A macaron is a sweet French confectionery made from a meringue base, made with a mixture of egg whites, almond flour, and both granulated and confectionery sugar.
Please stop by and visit our lovely hostess Beverly from How Sweet the Sound for some wonderful Pink Saturday posts..

sitting area

Friday, July 23, 2010

Pink Saturday - Tarina Tarantino

Tarina Tarantino + "PINK" = Fabulousness! Tarina is a former Make-Up Artist who has a very vintagy yet modern jewelry line. Now Tarina Tarantino brings some wonderful goodies to Sephora. She is so the Queen of Sparkle and shares it with all of us. Don't be frightened that it is too young and not for everyone. Sephora is great like that go in try something and see yourself smile. My favorite of her line is the "Candy Cameo". A pretty white cameo set on black and then mounted on pink frame. Oh the craft projects that come through my mind!! Tarina reminds me of Jenny Holiday from Everyday is a Holiday blog. No not just for the Pink Hair but the fun products that just make you smile and bring you back to being 5 years old and you just want to play dress up and dream and sparkle...Jenny's cupcake pictures and jewelry do that to me also.

I hope you enjoyed your visit now go on to Beverly from How Sweet the Sound to visit some wonderful Pink Saturday posts. Last week I was the feature blog on Marie Arden Pink Living Blog. I had computer issues and health issues so I discovered her blog on Tuesday and fell in love. I love Marie Antoinette and Paris and she does too! Please go visit and say Bon Jour! Grace xoxox

Candy Cameo Collection


hair clip

shimmer glitter

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pam Huntington's - Art in the Garden

Saturday I went to two wonderful workshops taught By Pam Huntington at Art is You "Homestead" in Westchester owned by Sallianne. Sallianne and her most adorable family were so wonderful to let us take over the house for the day. I had never met Sallianne and Ellen who are "Art is You"! I now understand what everyone is talking about when they say that those 2 lovely women and their families are warm loving and when around them you just laugh and create and feel like you have known them forever. October 7 to the 12th, "Art is You - The East Coast Art Retreat" is having a wonderful retreat with the theme "Art is...Wickedly Good"! You have to check out the wonderful teachers and activities.

So back to the "Homestead"! We arrived and Sallianne had breakfast set up for us and we all talked and laughed as more people arrived. Terri Ventura of Dime Store Emporium was our "surprise" visitor! Our place settings were set so beautiful with our supplies for our Victorian Parlour Bird workshop. Pam had everything beautifully packaged and set. Sallianne gave us pink little note pads and these beautiful magazines that were found in her new house's basement. What a treasure! She also had "PINK" lemonade that she saw and thought of me and had to get it! Terri Ventura gave us a cute little pouch with adorable charms and bracelet to attach them on from her shop. Love it! We twisted wire and taped around then glittered and pasted flowers and butterflies and laughed and chatted. In the end we all had very different birds. Shh...Terri Ventura glittered! and she liked it..hehehe Then we had a wonderful lunch that Sallianne made and I made a cheesecake and there was wonderful Apple Strudel,chocolate chip bundt cake and cookies and sat in the Garden and chatted about so many different things and all the wonderful people and friends we have met in the art world. Pam set up for our next class which was how to make flowers out of fabric with heat guns and make pretty cuffs and necklaces. The day flew by so fast I was so sad to leave. I can not wait for more of these workshops to escape and just laugh with "friends"!

Salianne wearing Sis Boom Headband

Me and Salianne and my pink lemonade

Terri and "GLITTER"?

Pam showing us how to make flowers

my cheesecake (I made it)

supplies and gifts

Pam's flowers



Salianne - Ellen - Pam - Terri

Birds in cloche

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pink Saturday - My dud post

I typed out a cool Pink Saturday blog post and I pre-dated and Sunday when I got a chance to look it was not there! It is saved but never popped up so I took timer off so it would not just pop up here! I have been having bad head pains and been off the computer but will post about a fun Saturday workshop this evening! Sorry I duded out on Pink Saturday will post Friday for sure! Oh I almost forgot I wanted to share these cute Converse Sneakers. I went to Nordstrom to purchase them on a pre-sale and they were sold out! Get out I told the girls she looked at me strangely and said but I can order and have them shipped to you for free...YES! I should have them by Friday! Do you like them? xoxox

Friday, July 9, 2010

Pink Saturday - Paper Cowgirl Crepe Dress

Happy Pink Saturday! I love our Hostess Beverly from How Sweet the Sound. She has started this incredible Saturday Pink Event and incredible friendships have been made all through this. This week I am featured in Valerie's Blog "Glittery Daze and Nights" and I was so thrilled and decided that I wanted to feature her here on my post also! She seems to be a dear and such a fun blog love it. Please go visit and say hi to her!

My post this week is of the cutest dress ever! It was made by my adorable talented friend Ann Denise Anderson of Whimsy and Fancy Designs, for the wonderful art retreat "event" she taught at called Paper Cowgirl. Cindy Mayfield is the very lovely woman who hosted the event and had the most wonderful teachers and attendees. Well Ann Denise made the name tags and so many other items for the event but it is "Pink Saturday so I had to share the fun stinkin cute "PINK" paper crepe dress and her glittered Pink cowboy boots. I was not at the event but God willing next year will...and am planning on going to "The Wicked Tea" in Texas and visiting with my crepe paper friend! xoxo

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth Of July - Lego Big Apple

Happy Fourth of July! I love New York City, "The Big Apple"! This past week in Rockefeller Center they opened a Lego Store. It was amazing for 3 Days the Lego Engineers were to build a "Big Apple" out of Lego's. By Thursday they completed their task. They had people line up children of all ages to build these "blocks" so the Lego Engineers could build away. Inside the store was a Lego Dragon that looped around the whole store a replica of Rockefeller Center and walls of colored Lego's. Everything was "Lego" and children were buzzing with excitement. The Apple goes away on Tuesday, but the store stays. I hope you Love the "Big Apple" as much as I do! Was fun to build a block and watch the growth of this apple. Enjoy this special day with family and friends and be safe! xoxo

Tuesday the Lego Engineers Started

My "piece" of the Apple

Dragon wraps around store

Pink Lego's

Rockefeller Center

Wednesday - Half Done

Thursday completed "Big Apple"

Friday, July 2, 2010

Pink Saturday Pink Kitchen

Happy Pink Saturday and 4th of July weekend. I wanted to do something Patriotic but was not working so I thought I would stick to the Pink Saturday program and just think pink! Ok the above sign is not pink but had to toss this in. I was at the flea market and found a perfect Pink kitchen. The table chairs glass hutch and plates and glasses all included. I walked a little further and saw this amazing Pink stove. I wonder who did it belong to, who would buy it. It reminded me of a very fun restaurant in Disney Hollywood Studio called "50's Prime Time Cafe". Please go visit or lovely host Beverly from How Sweet the Sound and all the other wonderful Pink Saturday posts. Pink Kisses xxxxx

vintage pink stove

pink vintage dining set with dishes