Friday, February 24, 2012

Pink Saturday a Crown/Tiara Gift

Happy Pink Saturday! This week I received the prettiest "PINK" Crown from the Queen of Crowns & Tiaras Gabriela Delworth. Gabriela is a teacher and artist a book publisher and a really good friend. I had chatted back and forth a few times in "Blog Land" and commented on Pink Saturday posts and one day she came to New York City and we met in person. We had the best time in such a short visit. I was so nervous that I would bore Gabriela she is such a fabulous artist and it is a nervous feeling meeting someone you really do not know or you have one idea of them and they of you and then you are left face to face. Well can I tell you she is "real" she is sweet and a true Queen. I posted about our visit a while back so I will not go too into detail. I was so touched as I opened the "flat" box and there it was a gorgeous pink crown/tiara for me! I screamed and shrieked and could not wait to post and brag about it on Pink Saturday. I have met so many blog friends in person and some I know will be forever friends. It is not about who gets the most Pink Saturday comments or who makes the best muffins or who sends you treasures, it is about a bond started by:
Pink + Blogging = Friends. Thank you Gabriela and thank you Beverly our Pink Saturday Hostess (How Sweet the Sound) for wonderful friendships. Please visit Beverly and the other Pink Saturday posts and see why I look forward to Saturdays! xoox

Friday, February 17, 2012

Godiva - Pre Valentine Event

Happy Pink Saturday. My niece Daniela and I got to attend a Pre-Valentine Chocolate making cocktail party at Godiva Chocolate's Corporate offices in NYC. We were greeted by lovely Godiva employees and handed champagne. The room was decorated so elegant and festive. Hor'derves were passed as well as a platter of different Godiva chocolates. On Hand for our demonstration and hands on class was Godiva's Executive Chef Chocolatier Thierry Muret. Mr. Muret taught us how to temper chocolate and how to make tuxedo strawberries and told us everything and I mean everything about chocolate! We then put our aprons on and got to work ahem (clearing my throat) we got to "play in chocolate"! We were spoiled we had trays of super huge sweet strawberries to decorate and we got 3 heart shaped fudge hearts to decorate. Chef Muret ordered special organic sugar coated roses and pansies for us to use along with the other decorations. We were definitely spoiled! Thank you Chef Thierry Muret and Godiva.
Godiva has a fabulous Rewards Club that you should join! Why? Well every month you get a "free" piece of chocolate and for every $20 spent you get a gift for that month. You will receive special invitations and newsletters also.

Godiva chocolates passed around

Thierry Muret Executive Chef Chocolatier


our work area

Pink chairs

my niece Daniela and me

Godiva's Strawberries

undecorated strawberries

decorated strawberries

undecorated fudge hearts - 3 each

decorated fudge hearts

sugared organic pink roses for us to use

gift bags for everyone



great book that was in goodie bag

Please visit our Pink Saturday Hostess Beverly from "How Sweet the Sound" Blog and all the other fabulous Pink Saturday posts. xoox

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fashion Week Windows At Henri Bendel

Henri Bendel at 712 Fifth Avenue, NYC paid homage to Fashion Week and Anna Wintour, the Editor-in-chief of "Vogue Magazine", in their window display. Ms. Wintour was sitting in a row of chairs and Fifth Avenue was her "Fahion Show"! Front row seat of course. This was a fun window display and she looks cute and very fashionable.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! Valentine's Day is a day of LOVE and not only for "couples" so go out and celebrate this girly pink and red Day! xoox

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pink Saturday Valentine Luncheon and Swap

Happy Valentine Pink Saturday! I am not going to apoligize for this very long lots of pictures blog post because I had too! lol One of my Best Friend Cheryl from "Nouveaux-portmanteau" Blog, Hosted a Valentine Luncheon. It was so fabulous to walk into her beautifully decorated home with Love treasures all over.The table setting was so adorable every little attention to detail so many gifts even a beautiful Valentine necklace. We had a glass of champagne and chatted and then we had lunch and dessert and we created a fabric heart (still finishing mine up and exchanged gifts. I love my Girlfriends. They are so talented and they have the biggest hearts. We get together and chat about fabric and antiques and food and pinterest and giggle. Cheryl hosted a Valentine Cone swap and I was swapped out with Trish from ItsyBitsy Pixie and she received my cone. I hope you love this post as much as I do. It makes me smile. Girlfriends are the best! Please go visit my friend and Pink Saturday Hostess Beverly from "How Sweet the Sound" and all the wonderful Pink Saturday posts. xoox (blogger is giving me problems today now it is not letting me spellcheck so please forgive me) lol

Marie Plates

My Heart

Beverly's Heart

Cheryl's Heart

Carla's Heart

I brought Cheryl this chubby Cupid cookie

Desserts made By Carla of Carla Gizzi Jewelry & Home Decor

Valentine chocolate bark filled with yummies

rice pudding

fudge chocolade brownie with whipped cream

Cheryl's Cone to Me "filled to the Brim

She saved Laduree ribbon from Macaroons I gave her for my cone

I made Cheryl this cone


a fun sweets and treasure basket from Carla


Trish from ItsyBitsy Pixie

The Cone I made

My Friend Marlene from Honey Comb Cottage 2b made me this cute cone

This is the treasure made by Cheryl for being in the swap!