Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Pink Saturday

Happy 3rd Birthday Pink Saturday!! I saved one of my birthday dinners for this day to celebrate Pink Saturday. My friend Marlene took me to Mr. Kay's in NYC. It is one of my favorite places but had not gone in years. It was my special place with my ex boyfriend and just was odd I never had gone back. Funny I thought "oh my goodness Mr. Kay's would be a perfect Pink Saturday post"! lol I had so much fun we laughed so hard. President's have eaten there and actors and very wealthy famous people also and they have 2 sets each of chopsticks for each person. I am always amazed at the service. Every time you move they come and fix your napkin or fill your drink glass. I had Diet Coke and the tiny pitcher was near me and I "made eye contact" and pow there he was filling my glass. Everything is a pretty light pink, even the plates. The food is incredible and we picked 2 different dinners and they split and plated them for us. You do nothing except sit back and enjoy. Then the amazing coffee pot comes out and the water is on the bottom coffee beans on top, they light from the bottom at the table and the water brews upwards into the beans for a fresh tasty coffee.
Please go visit Beverly from How Sweet the Sound and wish her a Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! xoox

Denzel Washington - George Clooney chopsticks!

dramatic place settings

wash your hands before

palate cleanser

fun glass table top coffee maker

Me and my friend

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some Furniture from Brimfield

When I was a little girl my Nonno (grandfather in Italian)I would follow everywhere. I would wake up at 4 years old at 4 am dressed so I could go with my dad and nonno to buy meat at the Meatpacking District, that is now a chic shopping, lofts and eating neighborhood. I used to love going to the local pharmacy because they sold toys in packages and bouncy balls in pink. He never said "NO" if I would ask for something he would say, "Ok place the order and we will come back and bring the big truck so we can carry everything". It worked I told him everything I wanted and I always fell for it and loved spending time with him. So when I was in Brimfield and saw all this amazing furniture and goodies I actually laughed out loud a few times thinking of my "Nonno" and that I would get my truck filled with goodies one day. So I settled for pictures. I have a fascination for "Vanity Tables"! Yes I could never find the perfect one and in Brimfield I found 4 perfect ones. I love the curio cabinet in the last picture just not the color and so I will wait for the truck to arrive one day.....xoox

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fitting an Octagon into a Triangle - Brimfield purchase

My friend Beverly and I woke up early Saturday morning had breakfast at our hotel and rushed to do a quick pick up of items we did not carry Friday, then we were going to park her car and shop. Well We ran into Rosemary Warren the very talented creative director of Tinsel Trading Co. She was trying to just get rid of everything in her booth because she is moving to LA soon and so we saw a 7 foot Curio and she said if you take it you can have it for $50! Um Beverly said "MINE"...and we all looked at her like she was nuts. How was she fitting an "octagon in a triangle"? ahaha I stopped doubting and accepted that women are awesome packers and awesome basically at everything! hahaa Well one woman said she would eat her hat if it went in and Rosemary said forget it I will give you your money back..2 strong gentlemen showed up and they said "no way" but tried and the "octagon fit perfectly in the triangle", with just a drop hanging out with a 5 hour drive for Beverly to go later that day and all went well. We were trying to find a hat for the lady to eat! lol Never doubt a professional junkin shopper!! Oh by the way we fit "lots" more things in that car inside curio around curio and even stopped at a nursery so I could buy a beautiful huge hanging plant!! xoox

Me - Beverly - Rosemary

Friday, May 20, 2011

Pink Saturday - Brimfield Massachusetts Dollies

Happy Pink Saturday!!
I skipped over The Birthday Pinks to share some fun Pinks from my outing to Brimfield Massachusetts for their Antique Market with my wonderful friend Beverly (no blog)! I was so excited so many treasures and I wish we had a truck, but in a following post this week you will see that Miss Beverly can fit a octagon in a triangle and she did not need a truck! lol This Pink Saturday I am sharing some dollies. I hope you enjoy them and then please go visit our Pink Saturday Hostess Beverly (no relation) lol from How Sweet the Sound and catch up on lots of Pinkness! Please come visit again this week Tuesday for some fun pictures and post from Brimfield. xoox

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Brimfield or Bust!

I am so sorry I have not blogged for a while! I have so much to share, but I am going to Brimfield in Massachusetts with my cute fun friend Beverly (no blog yet), for some vintage finds! I can not wait to spend a fun time shopping and laughing. I promise to catch up next week. Wish me PINK luck! xoox

Friday, May 6, 2011

Pink Saturday - Birthday goodies!

Happy Pink Saturday! Happy Birthday to ME!! I am going to be very busy between birthday and my Mom's Mother's Day so decided to post the delicious Cheesecake Factory birthday cake (Peanut Butter cup) and some pink gifts I received so far. I just received the cutest flower birthday cake from Cheryl but will post another day because I can not get this photo to download from work...ugh! So have a wonderful Pink Saturday, Mother's Day weekend to all. Please visit Beverly from How Sweet the Sound for more Pink Saturday posts. Enjoy Grace xoox