Friday, June 29, 2012

Saturday Day 2 Retreat - Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday! Make sure you stop and visit our Hostess Beverly from How Sweet the Sound and all the other Pink Saturday posts. 

Day 2 - Saturday of My Retro Beach Beauties Art Retreat in Canada was fun. We all went to St. Jacobs Antique Market. There were so many treasures that I wish I could have taken home but had to limit to something small.

                                Me under that mask! I always wanted to be a blond whahahaha

                                                  Tammy and Sandy and Mini Sandy dolly

                                                      Lu Lu on the other side of the tracks!

                                                 Then we went to the Farmers Market

I bought some Apple Fritters and we stopped at Tim Horton for some coffee and went back to Sandy's for a little break.

                    (Sandy - Me - Natalea - Vivian - Lu Lu and Tammy took the picture)

We washed up and got dressed for a little sight-seeing and dinner in Downtown Toronto.

Dinner at Blu after walking around Downtown Yorkville Toronto with all the pretty shops.

                                   (Sandy - LuLu - Me - Natalea - Vivian - Tammy)

The day was a beautiful  Day full of new wonderful friends and giggles. In the evening Vivian received a very sad phone call telling her that her sweet new grandson Jacob would not  make it and  that soon he would go to Heaven with the other sweet Angels. I am so glad I had the chance of spending time with Vivian although her heart was with Jacob. Her daughter came all the way from Buffalo to get Vivian in Toronto so she could be with the family and say goodbye. Please keep Jacob, Vivian and the family in your prayers. Thank you.

Come Back for Sunday and Gifts!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 1 - Sandy's Retro Beach Beauties Retreat in Canada

What a wonderful 3 days I spent in Canada for a retro Beach Beauties Art Retreat hosted by my friend Sandy from "Sandy's Creations". I got picked up from the Airport by Sandy and Tammy and we went to meet Lu Lu and Vivian and Natalea at a cute restaurant "Motorino". I only knew Sandy and the rest of the girls we had chatted on Blog Land and Face Book and when we all met in the parking lot it was like we were old friends. So many hugs and squishes and when we sat down we laughed giggled and chatted. The food was so delicious and the decor was adorable. The perfect "start" to a fabulous weekend!

(Tammy - Vivian - Lu Lu - Sandy - Natalea and Me)

We skipped dessert to go to Sandy's home that was set up so beautiful. The decorations were so adorable and right away the "bloggers
 took out the cameras and started snapping and oohing and ahhing! lol  So much attention to detail!

Some of us had coffee and some Diet Pepsi

My new fascination...Canadian Milk in plastic bags! Shut up!! I love new things and just blew my mind how you have plastic bags with milk. I wanted to create special Milk Bag Holders retro style, of course! lol

                                                                    "Got Milk?"

Sandy made us a fabulous Pizza and Salad Dinner all with from scratch!

Natalea - Sandy - Tammy enjoying a glass of wine as the pizza cooks!

                                                  Key Lime Cheesecake Sandy "altered" lol

Our table ready for a class!

Sandy taught us how to make Sailors Valentines.

                                                         This was the one I created!

All 6 together! We all got quiet and created. This was the first time I actually finished my project at a class!

There was alot more this day like gifts and swaps but there was so much I will save it for another post. I can't wait to share them it was so much fun just like Christmas!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Girl's Weekend - Retro Beach Babes

I was so thrilled when I received a cute invite in a bottle for me to join Sandy and four other lovely ladies at her house for some girl weekend fun! Our theme is "Retro Beach Babes". I am so excited to fly to Canada and create and have fun with my friends. Sandy has such a wonderful Itinerary planed for us. I feel like I am going to go play with my "Cousins"! I adore my cousins and when we get together we giggle and talk all day.     It is coming up this weekend and I can't wait to hug all those adorable sweet "Babe's". 

I bought this Americana sign for $3.00 and wanted to make it more "Pink" style...

This is the "After"...

 I was walking in the Flatiron  District in NYC one evening and spotted these Retro Beach Babes! They were gorgeous and thought of Sandy! I seriously wanted to buy each and everyone for the girls.... Canadian Customs and my pocket book would frown upon it!! lol That's ok I have fun gifts for the girls.

Check Back Next Week and see all the "Retro Beach" Babe Fun!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Pink Saturday- Pink Store

Happy Pink Saturday! Wanted to share a fun Accessory store named Pink in NYC. The Barbie Silhouette and heart are made with lots of beautiful shiny jewelry. Please visit our lovely Pink Saturday Hostess Beverly from "How Sweet the Sound" for some more PINK fun and all the other Pink Saturday posts. Enjoy your Pink!