Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cafe El Presidente - Tacos NYC

I was anticipating the opening of a Taco Place, Cafe El Presidente a Tacombi restaurant on 24th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue in the Flatiron, NYC (Nueva York). There were lots of pre-opening articles on line and some said it was the Little Eataly of Mexican Food. Not at all! Oh Hold on Jose it is not selling Mexican items to take home but it is so Mexican Chic and fun. The Colors of the "Jugos - Juice" Bar and exposed brick around the tortilleria - taco makers gives Cafe El Presidente the Mexican Street vendor feel. I sat at the Madison Taco Bar and watched the kitchen create little tacos.

I had Senorita Carnitas soft tacos and guacamole with fresh made fried tortillas and I drank at the suggestion of someone the Virgin Spiked Sandia which is a watermelon juice. I Cannot wait to grab some friends and go back and share with my friends. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Monday - The Stress of Life (Self Helping Me)

I am reading Jenny McCarthy's Book on my Nook "Stirring the Pot".  I love the discreet-ness of my Nook, you can read anything and no one knows what is going on. Ok, I cannot really relate to her life and her problems or her stress I am a regular everyday working person. I do not have the same problems or opportunities and if I knock on doors they will get shut in my face....will they? I have never even tried. I find myself with anxiety and stress; I know who doesn't feel it right now? But this is my stress I need help and I can get myself out of the "Hole".  So Jenny said she read every "self-help" book around and now wrote her own. Good place to start for me I like stirring the pot, in the kitchen not in life. 

I hope you come on my journey maybe we can help each other one week at a time.  I am a pleaser I take care of everyone and am a great cheerleader. Right now I need cheerleaders and I got stuck in the field all alone the game is in another stadium. What I am learning is that women are confrontational. There is no sisterhood....yes that is sisterhood eye scratching who can out do the other and then hug and forget. Seriously??
 Lets start I feel like the walls are crashing in I was embarrassed and there is nothing I can do about it. I have to be strong and accept. I start with I am nervous and need to sleep but it is Sunday at 11:31PM and I am typing. I took a shower with Caress Twilight and put new pj's on changed my sheets and will read "Stirring the Pot".  I will get dressed and put a happy face on and  Pray I will Pray to get me through the day second by second no matter what comes my way I can do it!  Maybe I will stop on in to let you know how it is going. I know I can get my self confidence back and know that I do not deserve to be talked to the way I was. People have issues and take it out on others confrontation hurts. 

I hope you will comment or write to me privately as alot of you have done in the past. Weather it be home, work, love life, lack of love life a bully a partner we are all in this together!  disclaimer: I am NOT bashing anyone or anything this is MY journey MY kick in the ass! It is not about 1 person or thing. 

Image Borrowed from Caress Website

Bullets Over Broadway - Broadway New York City

My friends sent me to TKTS to get discounted tickets to a Broadway Play and to me it is Nirvana! I have seen most of the plays that TKTS had available and then I decided I wanted an old school play and chose "Bullets Over Broadway" a Musical Comedy written by Woody Allen and Directed by Susan Stroman. What fun! It was quirky and odd at times but belly laugh funny at other times. The characters definitely made it their own with an interesting bunch of  actors from different areas that will make you wonder who on earth thought to put these characters together?  A quirky fun must see! 
Zach Braff was David Shayne from playing a doctor in the TV Show Scrubs to a playwright who is hungry to catch a break and get someone to back his latest play. (look for Zack Braff in his new movie "Wish I Was Here" this Summer)

Then there is Vincent Pastore who plays the part of the Mobster Nick Valenti who is very eager to make his not very talented girlfriend a star to prove his love.......It's Big Pussy from the Soprano's! Whoo Hoo. Seriously you are thinking not a far stretch for him to play a mobster but Broadway Comedy and he can sing and dance. Click here to learn more about this Play and all the fun actors. 
The ST. James theatre is a tight squeeze but not a bad seat in the house you felt like you were on the stage singing with them all. 

Lenny Wolpe - plays Julien Marx

Karen Ziemba - Eden Brent

Vincent Pastore - Nick Valenti Mobster

Zack Braff and ME
Dinner: 5 Napkin in Hells Kitchen 45th Street is always a great choice. Service is quick when you need them to get you out for a show and slower when you are not in a rush. You really do need 5 Napkins while enjoying their burgers. We shared the Pretzel Sticks and Sushi and for dinner the amazing beef taco's. Close to all the theatres great prices. Love their decor too!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Four Seasons Restaurant NYC

For my birthday I got taken to the fabulous  "Pool Room" at The Four Seasons Restaurant in New York City. As you walk through the front door you feel like you are walking into an office building, no grandeur at all. It was neither mine or my friends first time there so we knew there was a smile at the top of the stairs but if you are a newbie you think you have the wrong address and you are really attending a stuffy board room meeting. Don't get me wrong there is definitely a New York Old School feel and attention as you are seated and how you are treated and the atmosphere but for sure the entrance to the Pool area with the flickering candles and beautiful trees that adorn it with Little lights makes you stand taller and walk with your head held high and proud. There i a feeling of being part of an exclusive Club as your eyes pan the room quickly not to catch the eye of anyone orintrude io their dinner.  

We were seated side by side facing the pool and our waiter was very attentive in a discreet not in your face way. Appetizers were delightful we shared Crispy Oysters and a Crudo Tasting

Tuna and lime, fluke and avocado, abalone and grapefruit, you could taste the freshness. For dinner we had a steak and a roasted halibut. Hint: just order the fish not the steak unless you have the tartare. 

The Four Seasons Souffl├ęs was the definate choice for dessert with grand marnier, chocolate or vanilla bean. You gave this order in the begining so they could have it ready at a perfect temperature and fill it at the table. I am not a dessert person at all but can I tell you I was that moment. Remember it was my birthday I was anticipationg my.................
fabulous PINK cotton candy masterpiece! I was the biggest child at that moment and of course my table neighbors all facing the Pool and by the Pool shared in my birthday party and had a piece of the most delectible delicately spun sugar cotton candy I have ever had. Do you see the dark dot in the middle? Scattered throughout there were dried sugar blueberries and I turned to pass the Pink Fabulousness to my new friends I noticed it looked like a shaggy doggy face the blueberry being the nose.

Do you see a doggy face? 
Yes I tried a few different art pieces after everyone had their fill...we rather have finished our "Souffl├ęs"! 
This was a mouse 
It was definately a lovely "grown-up" evening.....ahem ok with a dash of child play thrown in. Well it was a birthday party after all.

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Pink Saturday - Pink Ice-Cream Truck

Happy Pink Saturday! I was on Fifth Avenue walking to my bus and looked up and saw this adorable Vintage Carnival Pink mint green ice-cream truck! It made me smile so big. I had to share my Pink with our Pink Saturday Hostess, Beverly from How Sweet the Sound! Make sure you visit her and and all the Pink Saturday posts. xoox