Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pam Huntington's - Art in the Garden

Saturday I went to two wonderful workshops taught By Pam Huntington at Art is You "Homestead" in Westchester owned by Sallianne. Sallianne and her most adorable family were so wonderful to let us take over the house for the day. I had never met Sallianne and Ellen who are "Art is You"! I now understand what everyone is talking about when they say that those 2 lovely women and their families are warm loving and when around them you just laugh and create and feel like you have known them forever. October 7 to the 12th, "Art is You - The East Coast Art Retreat" is having a wonderful retreat with the theme "Art is...Wickedly Good"! You have to check out the wonderful teachers and activities.

So back to the "Homestead"! We arrived and Sallianne had breakfast set up for us and we all talked and laughed as more people arrived. Terri Ventura of Dime Store Emporium was our "surprise" visitor! Our place settings were set so beautiful with our supplies for our Victorian Parlour Bird workshop. Pam had everything beautifully packaged and set. Sallianne gave us pink little note pads and these beautiful magazines that were found in her new house's basement. What a treasure! She also had "PINK" lemonade that she saw and thought of me and had to get it! Terri Ventura gave us a cute little pouch with adorable charms and bracelet to attach them on from her shop. Love it! We twisted wire and taped around then glittered and pasted flowers and butterflies and laughed and chatted. In the end we all had very different birds. Shh...Terri Ventura glittered! and she liked it..hehehe Then we had a wonderful lunch that Sallianne made and I made a cheesecake and there was wonderful Apple Strudel,chocolate chip bundt cake and cookies and sat in the Garden and chatted about so many different things and all the wonderful people and friends we have met in the art world. Pam set up for our next class which was how to make flowers out of fabric with heat guns and make pretty cuffs and necklaces. The day flew by so fast I was so sad to leave. I can not wait for more of these workshops to escape and just laugh with "friends"!

Salianne wearing Sis Boom Headband

Me and Salianne and my pink lemonade

Terri and "GLITTER"?

Pam showing us how to make flowers

my cheesecake (I made it)

supplies and gifts

Pam's flowers



Salianne - Ellen - Pam - Terri

Birds in cloche


Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Oh the flowers! So cute!
I love the necklaces.
I just found a pattern for flowers
made from old sewing patterns.
Love it!

Flora Doora

Rochelle said...

I am loving those flowers Grace! Looks like you all had a great time!

Holly Loves Art said...

What fun! The flowers are really gorgeous... wow... I want to play! I hope you're having a lovely day. I am taking a little break from a special "project" I've been working on.... I know you'll know what I am referring to. hee hee!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Grace,I love the flapper style pink wig ..I need one!
Lucky you got to workshop..I wish to connect with the sisterhood but NY is too far away! Hmmm?....maybe a Halloween workshop at the beach here?!

Char said...

It looks like a party to me. What fun making flowers and just hanging out, eating some great desserts. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Unknown said...

How FUN and your cheese cake looked YUMMY!!
Sand xox