Monday, October 25, 2010

Wicked Tea - Part 2

Part 2 of Wicked Tea. We had fabulous classes and great generous teachers! All the students were lovely and warm. Wonderful food made by Ann Denise. It was so much fun learning new projects and my room and table mates were awesome! I felt like I had known them forever.
Girls Just wanna have fun!

fresh fruit, juice, coffee clotted cream and jam for breakfast

Scones Ann Denise made with edible rose petal on top

Lisa Mcilvain, Ann Denise Anderson, Cindy Mayfield, Lesley Venable
"Our Fabulous Teachers"

Lesley Venable and Cindy Mayfield

Red Queen, Mad Hatter and Rabbit stopped by on the way to meet Alice!

Black pouch with white lace is Lesley Venable's kit

Lesley Venable -

Lisa's Class Kit

Lisa's Project

My Fun New Friends - Table Mates

We Made the Kitty Rattle - I am fixing mine

Ann Denises kit

Lunch set up...kitty that is not for you!

chicken salad wraps

broccoli salad

pasta salad

corn potato leak soup


Ann-Denise Anderson said...

I love it...looks so quaint and hospitable...makes me want to do it all over year!!!WHAHAHAHAH!!!XOXOXOX

Unknown said...

Yummy food, great decor, wonderful costumes and the classes looked fabulous! The cat rattle is an awesome idea!

Have a great Halloween girl!

Sandy xox

Grace said...

it was awesome! Thank you!! It was quaint and the decor and food and company was so fun! Not a boring event at all. So much goodies for everyone. Next year will be bigger and better...and Different I know you do not repeat yourself! lol xoxoox

psforma said...

it all looks wonderful and fun and i am so glad you had a blast.
hugs and more

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Yeah that cat kept trying to snatch a bite off my plate too! Looking at your pictures makes me hungry...all the food was awesome but those salads were my favorite. Tell Kendall, I'll slip her a $5 (hey, I'm cheap & the economy is in the toilet!) if she steals the recipes from her mom. ;)

I'm finishing up my cat tonight...waiting on the paint to dry.

Marina Capano said...

Hi funny! what a nice Halloween deco! great food!
Happy Pink Saturday and have a wonderful Halloween!


Rebecca said...

YOu all look like you're having such a great time-wish I could be there!!!!!