Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pink Saturday - Beach Beauties Swaps and Gifts

So sorry this has taken so long to post! I have to get on the ball and start being a better blogger. I have missed it terribly! 

This is my last post from Canada and Sandy's wonderful "Retro Beach Beauties" Art Retreat. I have tried to edit this post so many times as I noticed some pictures did not post. Finally today I decided to link to the other ladies posts and that way what I can't get on here you will still see.  It was such a wonderful time, Sandy spoiled us with so much I feel like there are not enough "thank yous" for her. The ladies all spoiled each other also it was just like Christmas! So nice to connect with all these lovely  ladies, what a fun time!

We picked a swap partner from the jar and exchanged gifts

Lu Lu was first and she got Sandy's adorable "fish"

Tammy got a beautiful pillow made by Natalea

Vivian received a pretty tote made by Tammy

I received an amazing bottle from Vivian

Natalea received my Beauty Pageant swap

Sandy received Lu Lu's Beauty Crown

Sandy not only pampered us but spoiled us with lots of gifts also

Sandy made us these cute purses all different and unique with vintage books and fabrics

Tammy was awesome to pick up our drink tab at dinner! So sweet

I gave the girls a wood dress form with some trims from Tinsel Trading to decorate it. I made little sacks and decorated to put the goodies in

From Natalea: 

From Vivian:

From Lu Lu

Some gifts I gave the "Retro Beach Beauties"

Close Up of my swap

Happy Pink Saturday! I am linking up to Beverly How Sweet the Sound blog. Please visit her and all the other fun Pink Saturday posts... xoox

1.  Sandy from "Sandy's Creations"
2.  Lu Lu from "Coastal Sisters"
3.  Natalea from "Kandeland"
4.  Vivian from "Viv Out on a Whim"
5.  Tammy from "The Other Side of Me"


vivian said...

oh wasnt that just so much fun! Sandy sure knows how to be a wonderful hostess. IT was so awesome meeting you and lulu in person and to see tammy, sandy and nat again. cant wait for the next thing..!

Lorraine said...

Wow, looks like a lovely time was had by all!! Soo much fun! Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday!! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

Unknown said...

Memories to last a life time :)

xoxo and a bunch of zucchini flowers,


Jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Hi Grace, Your trip to Canada sounds wonderful. Looks wonderful too. I know you girls had a great time together. The gifts for each other and the ones from Sandy are all so pretty and creative. I can't stop thinking about our trip to Claudie's last summer. Fond memories and so much fun.

Thank you for sharing your fun time with PS. Your post is awesome.
Love, Jeanne

EJ said...

How lovely!

My PINK, your comment is always highly appreciated! Have a great weekend.

dix - gypsyczech said...

Wow! What fun you girls must have when you get together. I just love all the creativity and all the special little gifts! Thanks for sharing. dix---

dix - gypsyczech said...

Wow! What fun you girls must have when you get together. I just love all the creativity and all the special little gifts! Thanks for sharing. dix---

Beverly said...

Happy very belated Pink Saturday, Grace.

Wow! This must have been so much fun. I love all of the swaps. Everything is so pretty - and fun, too.

Anonymous said...

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