Monday, December 23, 2013

Lord & Taylor and Bryant Park Holiday Shops

I wanted to Share Lord & Taylor on Fifth Avenue, NYC windows and Bryant Park Winter Village.

These are the Lord & Taylor Windows. I have to say they always do such a beautiful job and always are a traditional vintage Christmas! Yes they are my favorite. Fun to see some of Wendy Addison's pieces in their window display. 

Favorite: Ballerina in Music Box

Wendy Addison decorations

Bryant Park

I have to get the name of this vintage shop that is my favorite in Bryant Park. It has the cutest set-up all vintage displays and the prettiest French inspired jewelry and bags and decor.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Wow! I love going to NYC with you, especially at Christmas!

Speaking of which, Merry Christmas, my sweet pink friend!



Marie Arden said...

Ohh all so pretty Grace. I love the L and T windows. I hope you find out name of vintage shop I would like to visit it when( I am being optimistic here) I get to NY in 2014! I want to meet you for lunch then also.
Merry Pinkmas!!

Caroline said...

Such pretty photos, really enjoyed them.