Monday, April 27, 2015

New York Spring Spectacular - New York City

In April I went to see the Radio City to see the New York Spring Spectacular starring the Rockettes, Derek Hough and Laura Benanti. Last year the show was cancelled and this year when I received the e-mail for me to go I was so excited. I was wondering how Derek Hough could do both Dancing with the stars and the Spring Spectacular. Well he was doing great until an injury last week. I am sure the show is still as fabulous with the understudy so if you are in town and get a chance go see it. I enjoyed seeing different Landmarks through out NYC on the big stage. From the opening at Grand Central Station to the Alice in Wonderland Bronze Statue in Central Park it was dreamy. There are also scenes where New York Baseball, Basketball and Football players and Managers make a cameo. Isaac Mizrahi and some other NY designers have a cameo and show their designs. There is a story there is NY toughness and NY Love and romance also. So go grab your tickets and maybe you will be brought back in time and do some "Singing in the Rain"...... 

Big Band

Grand Central Station


Alice in Wonderland Sttue in Central Park

Singing in the Rain

Isaac Mizrahi

Lion Statue at the NY Public Library

Statue of Liberty

NYC Taxi


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

It looks like a spectacular show, Grace! I wish they did a spring show when I lived in NY. Maybe someday I'll see it with the grandkids

Anonymous said...

That looks fabulous - great photos