Friday, June 5, 2015

Flying Tiger Copenhagen Fun Store in NYC

A fun new quirky store that carries so many fun items has opened in the Flatiron District in NYC and it is called Flying Tiger Copenhagen. It is located at 920 Broadway and 21st Street. It reminds me of an upscale Dollar Store but with cuter items and yes, everything is priced $1 and up truthfully I did not see much double digits but will go back and check it out further and call it "research"! I randomly took pictures and missed so much because I wanted it all and was overwhelmed; in a good way. I heard that they change items often and can not wait to go back. If you are in NYC you definitely need to put this on your list but they also have many locations around the world! Ok everyone lets browse........
everyone needs a pink desk bell 

cute hole punches perfect for scrapbooking and planners

cute on the go supplies

1 package of 5 notebooks for $3 seriously? Did we leave NY?

Love this face notebook

more books for travelers journals or Listers Gotta List

another notebook

Page Markers

heart toilet paper!!! 

This pad has the sweetest scrapbook crafting papers for $1

Mustache everything 

a real carrot sharpener seriously? Rachael Ray do you have this??

gift boxes

house shaped sticky notes

a dry erase TV - Cute

For Big Flies 

I bought this to hang in my craft room hold rubber stamps

Cute Hobby Pins for scrapbooking, decorating and planner

What does the Fox say?? 

Metal house shelf

They have every shape candle and color but I chose to take pics of PINK

frames and  telephone bank

glasses and mustache attached in the frame wear the glasses and hold frame up



look at the pretty bathroom door

tray and house tea cozy

a tattoo oven mitt with pink nails - love it

Dustpans and brush and sweet dishwashing gloves

hands up!! - Jewelry holder or scratcher.....hahaha

adorbs clips

you can purchase totes to put all your goodies in and come back and bring it

strawberry gift box

Strawberry lights

Cloud Sticky notes great for scrapbooking and planner or journals 

The best cookies Ever! $4 come on....

Locations, locations, locations

I bought lip magnets and going to glue some on paperclips

plastic bag they gave

phew last picture.....attach this to a bottle and it is a pencil sharpener 
Going to link this up to Pink Saturday for all my Pinkness. So make sure you visit Beverly from How Sweet the Sound for all her Pink Saturday fun. xoox


Tea in the Library said...

Will be on the look out for this shop. You are so right - listers gotta list! Happy pink Saturday! Susan =

Tami @ Creative girl Vintage said...

Oh my goodness such sweet things! Love it!
Have a happy pink Saturday..Tami

Annesphamily said...

Oooooh.......I love this store! I wish I were there! I love to find a great bargain. Love those pink candles and so many other cool shares. Always good to see you and for me it has been a while. Have a wonderful weekend.

Anne xo

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

We have Tiger in the UK and it's such a fun store!

Victoria x