Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Bonnet Parade in NYC

Warning this post picture heavy:

Easter Sunday on New York City's Fifth Avenue was filled with lots of bright colors and interesting "Bonnets". It was the Annual Easter Bonnet Parade from 49th Street to 56th Street. It is not your normal parade with floats and marchers and bands but it is as colorful and as fun. The streets are closed off to traffic at this time and everyone walks around wearing their fabulously decorated bonnets and others acting like the paparazzi trying to get a picture of the masterpieces (ME). Fifth Avenue seems magical on this day as the doors of St. Patrick's Cathedral swing open after mass and parishioners in their Easter finest come out into the parade of bonnets. Rockefeller Center is decorated with a giant topiary bunny balancing an Easter Egg on his nose and a big bush tail that seemed to wiggle with glee. Lining Chanel Gardens on both sides were big colorful adorned Eggs. If you are ever in NYC during Easter it is a must to see and participate in. I hope you have fun looking at the pictures xoox

American Museum of Natural History Bonnet

Streets of Times Square Station

TKTS Ticket Booth on Broadway

Bergdorf Goodman Store 

flowery bonnets

This cute girl really has that Pink hair she thought would be cute to pair up with the Purple!

A vendor with bunny ears and bonnets 

A Sphere Bonnet 

Rabbit Ghost Buster

Honey Bunny Chocolate Bunny in a box

Carrot Cigar! 

Vintage wear

Pink Egg at Chanel Gardens

vintage coat she bought for $6. 

St. Patrick's Cathedral

This is a family from CT dressed in their finest for Mass

loved her poncho

He looked like the Great and powerful OZ

I loved this vintage Bunny head


Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

What fun sights to see!

Victoria x

Jeanne said...

Good morning Grace, I decided to see if you are still blogging and I am delighted that you are. The Easter parade photos are wonderful. This is definitely a new take on the parade. There are lots of amazing artistic hats to be sure. You live in the most amazing place. Big smile here.

Then I scrolled down to your previous posts and your journey to 50 is fun and interesting. I especially loved the eye lift things. I don't know about the gold mask thingy. I remember the movie 'Goldfinger' where they killed a girl by painting her gold from head to toe. HA! Hint, I have used cream on my face since I was a young woman. At 76 I am wrinkled. Not as bed as some but bad enough. Still trying but I think there is a limit to what cosmetics can do when you get to be my age. Sigh!

Happy journey to 50...you look great.

Laura said...

You are so lucky to see all this
I have been gone so fun to see