Friday, November 10, 2017

Tiffany & Co. - Blue Box Cafe in NYC

Today Friday, November 10, 2017 Tiffany & Co. Opened a Cafe called "The Blue Box Cafe" on the 4th Floor. They also recently opened their "Home" department there also. 
You can now have Breakfast at Tiffany's and sit let's rewind this! 
Today at 8:00 AM people lined up outside waiting for the Store to open at 10:00 AM to be on the list to sit inside. At 11:00 AM there when I a mere mortal showed up thinking I would be early for lunch, was told there was no more slots for today. Wow people were actually going to sit there all day to wait and eat? To give this literally Blue "Box" credit the food I did see and smell was lovely but a croissant is a croissant and for coffee Berries and that croissant was a long long wait and price tag. They serve other food and have Breakfast, Lunch and Tea Service served on the famous Tiffany blue plates. 

The 4th Floor also has a new Home department with the prettiest decor items. You can shop as you wait. What is a shame there is a bland room opposite of the Cafe which should have been used for take out items like croissants and coffee and sell cute mugs and other fun novelty items. Who is Marketing or designing this place????  I was told that "they were not expecting this amount of people". Oh Holly Golightly please go inside and speak to the man behind the desk and tell him this is serious and we all Love You and Tiffany's and not to mock us. (truthfully he was a little overwhelmed and kept saying "I understand you want to be here the first day" but truthfully he will see these crowds forever moving forward.) 
When I finally get in I will share! Ta Ta Dahlings 

Founder Charles Lewis Tiffany made from screws

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