Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some Anthropologie "Pink in the CIty"

Haven't been feeling great lately bad pain and stiff in my right neck and shoulder and feeling chubby. Yes ladies also that time again. Ok ..... enough about all that I went to Anthropologie and eek there was some "Pink in the City" art and cuteness. I had to share hope you enjoy it as much as ME!

  1. Lady in a "Pink City"
  2. Book (no I did not buy it)! but it is Pink
  3. Eraser art yes old school Pink erasers
  4. Pink elegant tea cup


Sara said...

There are always so many cool pink things to see in NYC! You are so lucky!


Stevie said...

Fabulous! Love the pink tea cup! xo

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Grace,

Thanks for sharing. I just love pink!! That tea cup is to die for!


Sweetina said...

EEk How wonderfully pink! I have read that book~parts of it are hilarious!
Love the tea cup!