Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tinsel Trading - Wendy Addison

It started that it was a cold and rainy NYC day, I was swamped at work but at 12:00 PM got on the Fifth Avenue Bus and went to Tinsel Trading to go see Wendy Addison and see what new creations she had. Wendy did not disapoint at all I bought a few things (a cute paper chandalier, a paper chair and a banner)! I start putting things in my little basket and Marcia one of the owners brings me some cookies and I look towards the back and see the lovely talented Miss Lisa Kettell! Get out I say as soon as I see her! We started chatting and laughing and I felt like we have been friends forever. She was there with her lovely mom Joan who makes beautiful jewlery and Terri Ventura and Maleen who I did not take a picture with (insert sad face). Lisa is hosting Art Opera in New Jersey April 2010, and I am attending! Yippie Finally an event closer to me. I had to sadly get back to work. But I had a great day! So if you live close go visit Tinsel Trading and visit with Linda and Marcia and shop and if you are planning to come to NY it is a "must"!
Wendy Addison

Lisa Kettell, Wendy Addison, Teri Ventura

Lisa Kettell

Joan Lisa's Mom

Wendy's new line a cute box

Some fun shopping


Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to come visit us at Tinsel Trading. Glad you got to see Wendy & everyone else.
Pictures look great!!

Jennifer said...

Hey Grace!!!
I am soooo jealous!!! It looks like such fun! I so want to visit that store!!! So wish we had one in Dallas. Your day looked divine!!
Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

I am envious over here! I must visit you and Tinsel Trading one day!! How cool that you got to meet Lisa before the Art Opera event!


jeanne said...

Hello Grace, i am featuring your post tomorrow on Pink Saturday. I love your name and your pink posts are full of fun.

Check my blog in the morning.

Hugs, Jeanne - backyard neighbor

Karin said...

I would LOVE to be able to go to Tinsel Trading!!