Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bergdorf & Tiffany

I figured I don't have much time to show you more windows and decor in NYC so I will hurry and double and triple post! The famous "Snowflake" on 57th and Fifth Avenue sparkles and glistens with glee. All the glitter and sparkle of Bergdorf Goodman and Tiffany lightens it up. This year I noticed alot of "art and crafts" and familiar pieces in the displays. I hope you enjoy these windows as much as I am. I will be so sad when they take it all down.
Tiffany on 57th and Fifth Avenue has these gorgeous windows. They are simple and elegant. They have Marie Antoinette cut-outs displayed with jewelry. I was more amazes at the artistry in the cut-outs more.

Bergdorf Goodman on 58th and Fifth Avenue has the most exquisite window displays ever. This year they did an "Alice In Wonderland" theme. I was so taken aback at all the "crafts" that were there. They had Wendy Addison Chandelier and Chair, a paper clock, an amazing garland and the cutest Charlotte doll. I pass this windows everyday and still find amazing little art pieces. I wonder if Wendy knows her pieces are there.
Wendy Addison

they know Charlotte also

Bergdorf also is into crafting look at this garland

my favorite with vintage mirrors


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This is gorgeous, Grace! Thanks for sharing.

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Hope you enjoyed the merriest, pinkest Christmas ever.