Monday, November 26, 2012

Magazine Inspiration

I was sick for Thanksgiving all weekend long but I had a bunch of Magazines I needed to catch up with and finally felt better Saturday to start reading and getting Christmas Inspired.


kandeland said...

Sorry to hear your were sick Grace! But those magazines looks very inspiring! I stopped buying magazines all together but I may have to spend some quality time in the aisle at the grocery store to get inspired! xo

vivian said...

I hope youre feeling much better by now! I would love to spend a day looking through magazines! but I dont want to be sick.

Jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Grace, I am so sorry you have been ill. I hope you are on the mend now. Having time to just sit back and catch up on your magazines is great. Being sick is not great. HA!

I am praying that your journal will show up soon. Where else could it be??? Sigh!

Wishing you well,
xo, Jeanne

Unknown said...

Poor you! At least you made the best of it. I hope the magazines got you inspired for the Holidays~! Are you better now?
Sandy xox

Marie Arden said...

Sorry you were ill on the big day. Hope you are in the pink now!

Geralyn Gray said...

I hope you are feeling better.....I love that they are all Christmas magazines....but, did you notice how they are all PINK????