Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Martha Stewart American Made

I attended the Inaugural Martha Stewart American Made Awards, Vendor Fair in Vanderbilt Hall in the Landmark Grand Central Station. There were so many vendors with their "American Made" items and lots of fun activities also. There was a station to try Martha Stewart punches and also to use her clay molds. I of course made a pink cupcake. I finally got to meet Crystal from "Vintage By Crystal", in person after purchasing so many items on line from her. All the vendors had such fabulous things. 

Vintage By Crystal cute figures!

Me and Crystal
Erin Ozer of Knot & Bow

Angela Liguori from Studio Carta
Wendy is my Favorite! I made pumpkin an ornament and she made me this cute pink bling ring! 

Sweet Dani B. Such beautiful cookies

Cupcake Mold


from tags we made flowers to package gifts

How cleaver of the Martha team, from twine and round labels we made garland/gift ribbon

Avery was there with new packageing and labeling products



Hello Grace,

Awesome!!! What book is Martha signing?
Crystal makes the most amazing figurines, love them.

Did you make your cupcake with Martha's new molds?


Anonymous said...

Grace - what an incredible art show!! I'm doing my first show (VERY small scale) in over a decade with some of my little ornament creations. Hope to do more - as the Lord wills - once I have Bethany's room re-purposed to the purpose. Miss my girl already but can't be more happy for her!

Now - in the midst of all the busy last week, we did mail out your journal - have you gotten it yet???
FB message me!

kandeland said...

that must have been a blast!
have a great Thanksgiving Grace!
xo nat

Kimberly said...

looks like a fun day you had for yourself. You know you have a noreply blogger in your comments so I could only reply to you this way since there is no email.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

Oh to meet Queen Martha!

V x

Marie Arden said...

That looked like fun. Good to see some things still made here.

Thanks for checking Laduree for me for the snow globe. Send me your email so I have it I think you have mine already.

Christmas in NY is wonderful I hope you enjoy every second of it!!

Jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Good morning Grace, I am so remiss in not coming to tell you how awesome your Lucy pages are in my journal. My sisters are all here for Thanksgiving and they were so thrilled with my journal and the pages that caught their attention was YOURS. We all laughed and they love the originality of choosing this icon for my HA! theme. Love Lucy's skirt so much. Seeing my journal in person is a thrill. Thank you so much Grace. This was a wonderful journey.

I LOVE your post so much. Just living in the city and being able to go to that event is wonderful. I love everything and the Pink cupcake made me smile.Everything had to be so special when you were able to meet some blogging friends as well.

I have wondered if all is well with you since Sandy. I have seen FB but I know very well the cleanup will take a very long.I grew up in Fl and the hurricanes were a part of our lives. It took well over 2 years to clean up after Andrew.Sigh.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Grace.
Blessings, Jeanne

Unknown said...

How cool that you met Martha and Crystal in person!! I hope you had a great Thanks Giving!

Sandy xox