Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Won Wonderful Tags

I have always love to visit Cari Kraft's blog to see what she has up her sleeve! We had to tell a funny Thanksgiving story and I had a few but lets say mine consisted of my uncle taking a shower, turkey burning the kitchen, Firemen my uncle coming to see what all the noise is and finally forgets to hold his towel so he screamed holding his head and free show! LOL! He would be so proud that I won Tags for his story! LOL! So this will be our little secret shhh....


Joanne said...

Grace...Your blog is so fund and interesting. I enjoy coming in and seeing what's new with you. You have a great life in the big Apple. Keep up the great bloging. I expect to see you in one of those blogging magazines someday. By the way, I have had the best time showing all my scrapin friends your beautiful shadow box along with the other beautifully chosen gifts in our Sweet & Sinister Swap.

Anonymous said...

omg hahahhaha what a thanksgiving soo much better then mine boring ones! haha hugs!