Sunday, October 19, 2008

Japan C exhibit

Everyday I walk by what used to be Fellissisimo a beautiful old mansion that used to house candles and different pretty home decor items and on the 4th floor they had the prettiest tea lounge. It closed down a while ago but for a while there has been a Japanese exhibit called "Japan C". It is art but also buyers can place orders for the products. I was told that the last week of October whatever is there they will sell.... after you look at the pictures try to guess what I will buy! Sweet.... If you fill out 2 questionnaires they let you pick 2 free gifts. I am all about the free. I took a cute heart necklace on a cord and they gave you this metal tray with a lid and dividers. Pretty interesting and very different, but hey we are in NYC!
(a ball with Hello Kitty items papers all sorts of things - a wrapped box with fabric)
(These apple faces remind me of "The Black Apple")

(Simple Display on shelf)
(to me this was the real art - the Mansion)

(These Desserts are made from wash cloths)

These are what I have to have!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi GRace!
You won the Thanksgiving flash card giveaway over on my blog!!!! Congratulations!
Let me know your info so I can get your prize out to you!!!

Sugar Bear said...

Those desserts are too darn cute - so are the apples. Fun stuff!
P.S. I saw Bobby Flay and Tyler Florence at the book signing last week - didn't stand in the line but was close to the table - Tyler seemed super nice - Bobby was hard to get a read on. Guy is definitely my fav!

Saucy said...

Agreed... the wash cloth desserts are AMAZING. I will keep that idea in mind for a shower (baby or bridal!)

Sara said...

Cool exhibit! I love the washcloth "desserts"


Unknown said...

Thank you for sending our photos of our jars in the Zombie Jar Swap. I was going to but I lost the silly email to send them too. So once again thank you for sending them for us.
Oh I see you won!!! congrats

Anonymous said...

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