Thursday, December 22, 2011

22nd Day of NY Christmas - Macy's Windows

On the 22nd Day of New York Christmas I went shopping at Macy's the Worlds Largest Store that is open 24 hours during the Holiday Season. Their windows are always unique and different. Macy’s holiday windows are created by award-winning designer Paul Olszewski. This year the windows are done in a modern vintage Steampunk style, inspired by the “Make-a-Wish” Foundation. Macy’s has been making wishes come true during the holiday season for over 150 years, and the tradition continues this year. the story is about the magical transformation of holiday wishes and dreams into festive holiday ornaments! The 8th Floor has this magical Christmas Village that at the end you get to see Santa and on the 9th floor is jam packed with magical Christmas ornaments and displays. I see so many "Soldiers" here I feel like I am being watched. He couldn't possibly have caught up to me here since he moves so slow. I have alot of shopping to do I have to take a chance and stay!

(you write a wish and put it in Santas big mailbox)

(sorry cat clock is blurry)



Hello Grace,

Love Macy's and especially that store. Where did you ditch the Soldier? LOL!


C'est moi Claudette said...

First and foremost....
THANK'S so so so so much. We rarely ever NEVER get Fed Ex out here, and there he was. I had to go out and hold Pepper down. He doesn't like strangers. Your sweet ornaments could not have come at a better time. We had to put our last little degu down yesterday, and my little Bella has to have a biopsy done on a growth that's been getting bigger and bigger at the base of her tail. I'm heart sick about it. Something is very wrong. We will have the biopsy done after the Holidays : (
So THANK you again and again GracE for thinking of me. You made my day brighter ; )
Make a wish is one of my favourite charities here in Ottawa. Macy's windows are always spectacular. I've been admiring them for many years now.
Not sure about N.Y., but it's raining here after freezing rain last night and this morning. Baby it's rough out there!!
There's Randy with all the groceries... he looks like Santa.
Sending you BIG Canadian hugs my friend.
Love You
Love Me.
P.S. I ADORE the POODLE paper and the card. I tried very hard not to rip the paper. I will treasure it all.

Kimberly said...

We also went to Macy's this December too. It was very crowded this time of year. I got my girls a few gifts and enjoyed seeing the store all decorated.