Wednesday, December 21, 2011

21st Day of NY Christmas - Jingle Birthday

On the 21st Day of New York Christmas I went to Chelsea Market to Have a Jingles Birthday celebration for the lovely Sallianne from Art is You! We had dinner at Friedman's Lunch. I had fried chicken with macaroni and cheese just like the birthday girl. It was way too much.... When we arrived I received the cutest "Jingle" pin made by Sallianne and Betty. It was so wonderful to sit near Leslie and Tom and see Colleen and Patricia and my pal Francine who calls me "Gail", but that is ok I like it and Andrew (&ndrew)! lol After dinner I rushed to Penn Station to try to find Miz Bee Marlene! Go stuck in major NYC traffic and missed alot of the shopping at Jingles. I bought a few things and got to sing happy birthday to Sallianne who had a snowflake cookie cake with candles inside. We got to take a cookie and small eggnog home. It was a great evening. In the end we got to take a picture with Jill from Elements. She is "Jingles" and she has some of the cutest things that she creates. I saw so many Soldier Boys and girls there I was so confused and ran into a taxi glad to have missed him again!

Betty Zucker champagne toast for Sallianne

Sallianne and &drew (Andrew)

fried chicken and macaroni and cheese

Me and Francine

Leslie and Me

Colleen & Patricia

Jill and Sallianne

small eggnog bottles



Happy Birthday!!!

How fun! Grace, are you growing your hair longer? I like it!


Laura Quaglia (Fun With This and That) said...

What a wonderful place to have a party.What is the dolls made of.I have been gone .It was so fun to get home and see your blog Laura

Cheryl said...

Looks like a wonderful time!! I am sorry I missed it!! The chicken and mac n cheese look YUMMY YUMMY!!! I think I will have to make that soon now!! lol!!! OOH!! Eggnog! Have to have some before the season is over!!! Glad you got to duck from the soldier boy!! at least for the night!! lol!!

Ann-Denise Anderson said...

OHHH! This looked like a good time...wish I could have been there! Send my belates Happy Birthdays to Sallianne!!