Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dear Abby Will give Advice to the Angels

Dear Abby who was born Pauline Philips leaves us all to go give the Angels advice! She passed away at 94 after living with Alzheimer's for many years. I just learned that her sister was Ann Landers...shut up!! They both had advice column's Ann Landers was detailed and her advice was much more like an "Aunt" and Dear Abby was a little "risque" and "snappy witty". I was young and would read the advice to my Italian Nonna (Grandmother). The thought of the translation of the column, by me was hysterical. I did not understand what I was explaining and the loss of translation was comical in itself. Was it appropriate for a 15year old? Hahaha
Dear Abby passed the torch to her daughter Jeanne in 2002, officially. Did you read the column or did you ever write to her?

Dear Abby,

I am going through a phase of "Fifty Shades or Grey". Christian tied me up to the phone booth with his tie and belt. It was late and no one was around, or were they? I was too deep in passion to know who I was or where I was. He softly kissed my neck as he lifted my shirt and sucked my breast....Oh Abby I was red not Grey! Is this normal what should I do?

Pink in the City xoox

What on earth or in Heaven do you think Abby would answer? May you rest in Peace!

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Unknown said...

That's hilarious! I wonder when the movie will come out. I didn't know Ann and Abby were Sisters either?!

Did you do any Valentines crafting?

Have a great weekend Cugina!

Sandy xox