Sunday, August 3, 2008

Flea Market ....

I just got back from a flea market in "Stormville, NY". When I was little my dad loved to go to old flea markets and find little gadgets. We used to all go along with some family friends and had a blast. Through the years I never looked at flea market finds although I love "vintage" things. First of all really we do not have any around and the 1 that is close has people's modern day junk (have enough of my own) and second was really not motivated enough. But reading some beautiful blogs and seeing all their cute finds I decided to research and found this for today and then again 2 days in September, that will be a big one they said. Some of my "inspirations" for going were Suzanne Duda (who has found the cutest items and her daughter enjoys going with her when not in school), Kari Ramstrom (I need to move near her go look at all the goodies), Stephanie Howell (ooh how adorable she is and her girls, she goes to flea markets with her daughter Harper and her adventures are always sweet and entertaining), and I could go on and on because they all find these great items for so cheap. I am looking for stuff for 2 swaps I am in for Halloween and I asked a man if he had any postcards he said yes they are very expensive....I laughed what did I know well he said for 1 was $65...WHAT???? Do you know the clothes or shoes on sale I could buy? Well I was happy for the first time what I found....I bought sheet music $1 missing some pages but that is ok... a picture of a pretty woman $2...and a white candy dish (maybe for a swap need to decorate...$5.....and finally this adorable pink box from a cute little old woman for $5 it was in perfect condition. I had seen a few similar boxes in blog land and drooled over but never thought I would find 1 ahh maybe there is hope for another? I was really searching for different old hand held mirrors not a 1 was to be seen.... Yes I will go in September and see what else I can find. Thank you ladies in "Blog Land" for your pushes 1. to start a blog and 2. to go to Flea Market.


Jessi Nagy said...

so fun, look at all those pretties.
so many fun swaps too.
thanks for stoppin by doll,

Melissa Valeriote said...

Thanks for stopping by today! I just LOVE a good flea market outing. If only I wasn't sooo far away...sigh

pinkroses said...

Great finds and great prices too! You get an A+ in my book! suzanne

ps. I only have 1 Halloween card and paid $8.00 for it years ago...they are VERY expensive!