Saturday, August 2, 2008

Soho Cupcakes Friday Night Fun!

On Friday nights me and my friend Marlene pick an area in the city and shop, eat/drink (we are both trying to be good on our diets so this time was not as exciting), and exploring and of course I need to find some "pink in the city". Our adventures took us to Soho. We both have been to all these areas so many times but it is different doing this Friday take pictures and explore adventures. Marlene bought a beautiful original Sophia Loren Poster for her newly decorated apartment (will post a pic when she gets it framed and up), I bought some goodies at Forever 21 and Pearl River Mart then we went into this Japanese sort of H&M but alot neater and organized and oh what cute things....UNIQLO I bought that adorable pink umbrella that looks vintage-y, I bought a cute "cupcake" apron in Sur La Table then we went to a Mexican place called Gonzalez and Gonzalez for margaritas (1 each) - beer(1 for Marlene) and pina colada (for me). I was hungry so I got a taco Mexican shrimp salad (too healthy) I promise I am so not food boring so stay tuned for future and some past food experiences. After Mexican I was a little tipsy and we went to Urban Outfitters, need nothing but of course had to pose with a cupcake cookie jar and bought a pink plastic doily and some goodies for my "sweet and sinister swap" hosted by Artsy Mama! Enjoy Some "Pink in the City" pictures below.

Forever 21 - Sur La Table - Uniqlo - Me and Marlene @ Gonzalez and Gonzalez - Me @ Urban Outfitters

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Rosa said...

Hi Grace,
I remember when I used to live in NYC, I loved going to Canal Street, Soho, Tribeca etc. There's something so appealing about these areas in the city. I love your cupcake apron, very cool!. And that cupcake cookie jar is awesome!!. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your comment.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend,